At MAMALICIOUS we dress mothers-to-be and new mums, whatever the occasion and always with style. We encourage women to embrace changing trends, staying modern and chic through a collection og comfortable and individual looks, regardless of a woman’s changing shape.

Fashion, trend and style are the heart and core of the brand, and being able to express your personal style though a time of changing shape is vital to today’s women and their feeling of well-being. Staying well dressed and stylish is imperative for women of today, no matter what their circumstances. Today’s mothers and mothers-to-be set the bar high, and mamalicious is equipped to fulfil their expectations.

MAMALICIOUS is designing cleverly crafted pieces that inspire a mum-to-be to embrace her bump, as well as inspiring the nursing mum to embrace her new life, while in both cases staying true to who she is, and to her fashion preferences. mamalicious will deliver inspiration and clean-cut, pure collections eight times a year, and will focus on ease of wear for each piece, while remaining right on trend. The design team are willing to take risks, to challenge conventional views on maternity wear, and to add that extra special something to the mix to make each Shape With Style piece a message in its own right.

The collections are distributed to around 400 independent wholesalers and retail stores in 13 different countries in Europe, mainly in Scandinavia.

MAMALICIOUS launches MINIMIZE as a new take on baby and toddler wear.

At MINIMIZE we dress babies and toddlers – whatever the occasion and always with style. We design babywear for the fashion-conscious parents, giving them the opportunity to dress their baby in the latest trends, through collections of comfortable and individual looks.

The first collection from MINIMIZE is due in February 2015.