The statement “Happy Caring People” is the cornerstone of NAME IT – it is our DNA.

Inspired by kids
For more than 25 years, we have gathered experience and conducted global research, and we understand kids across borders. We have not only used our findings to create the world’s most colourful denim brand for kids – we have based our whole set of brand values on the amazing and loving free spirit of kids.

Inspired by kids, we value five fundamentally important issues: Sustainability, Friendship, Creativity, Health and Sports and Animal Welfare. These issues we have turned into the five basic values: Be Green, Be a Good Friend, Be Creative, Be Active and Be Caring. We focus our efforts on making sure that these five brand values are evident in our clothing, communication, store experience and the other areas where our customers meet us. If it is important to kids, it is important to us.

We have 172 NAME IT stores in total. We operate in 23 different markets. 231 Happy Caring People work together at NAME IT. We work closely with about 2,200 wholesale partners and 45 retail partners.

LIMITED by NAME IT is an exclusive collection with an edge and with that little something extra that makes the LIMITED collection truly special. The styles reflect fashionable trends straight off the catwalk, while still keeping the young and playful target group of NAME IT in mind.

The LIMITED collection is for kids aged 4-14 years. Similar for all styles are the richness in detail and fashionable edge at affordable prices. For example, labels, rivets, etc. have a very boyish or feminine look, and the colours and fabrics are carefully selected according to the season’s trends.

LIMITED adds another dimension to the NAME IT brand and allows the brand to target a wider range of consumers, hereby ensuring that NAME IT meets the needs of all of customers and maintain a consistent positive progression within NAME IT.

LIMITED offers four yearly collections in March, May, August and October, respectively.

LIMITED boys collection
LIMITED is designed especially for the cool boys who like the mix between raw edginess and the tailored look.
LIMITED focuses on rough looks, cool washes and leather details. NAME IT loves to play with different textures and qualities to achieve the perfect trendy look for the independent LIMITED boy.

LIMITED girls collection
LIMITED is designed especially for the fashionable girl who is feminine and trendy with a growing interest for the world of fashion. LIMITED focuses on that extra special something that makes the styles exceptional. NAME IT loves to play with pearls, studs and luxurious fabrics for the stylish LIMITED girl.

LIMITED styles are rich in details yet affordable.