OBJECT is known for its cool sophisticated Scandinavian fashion with unique details that give us standout from the rest of the High Street – expect more! Our customers prefer us for our cool and good quality styles at affordable prices. We design every collection in-house and we are on with new amazing styles every week in our online shop suitable for the modern metropolitan fashion conscious young woman.

OBJECT is all about sophisticated attitude: A unique positive and intelligent overall attitude towards life, others and us self. The essence of sophisticated attitude within our OBJECT universe derives from 6 core brand personality traits that describe our brand identity:

Cool, Edgy, Playfull, Fashion conscious, No compromise, Trendy

Every collection is based on these 6 core brand personality traits to ensure a high design standard consistency. The 6 personality traits are being translated by our professional design team and implemented in each collection with the result that every single design piece channels our DNA.

The OBJECT girls is a metropolitan with a high level of fashion consciousness and a playful approach to life. She is outgoing and her great level of self-esteem brings her in attractive directions in life. She knows what she wants when it comes to life and fashion and she does not compromise. In her seeking for the right objects to collect she’s drawn towards looks and fittings that match her personality and edgy High Street taste. She collects and mixes different styles e.g. edgy vintage styles and high-street styles until she finds the right look.