ONLY was introduced to the Danish market in 1995. Today ONLY is an established and renowned retail chain with more than 300 stores in Eur ope and the Middle East, and we are still growing. The ONLY brand is sold in more than 6,500 wholesale stores and is present in 23 markets.

At ONLY we embrace the magic of the possibilities within everyday life. This is our philosophy. ONLY is about you – and ONLY you. Uniqueness is in our name, in our stores and our collections. Each item is created with this special ONLY feeling representing our core identity which has a mature twist with a focus on feminine strength, self-confidence and style.

ONLY represents many branches in the fashion world. First of all we are a fashion brand with a broad and international approach. Looking at the latest trends, ONLY defines our own unique version of fashion, always considering the different fashion moments each ONLY girl comes across. That’s why the latest trends always
show in our product line. The ONLY collections feature a unique, real and modern identity and attractive styles with international class.

Apart from being a fashion brand ONLY is also a denim brand. The blood in our veins is indigo blue and denim is a constant state-of-mind. In effect, all ONLY collections reflect the denim attitude, look and image. Details and trimmings that are found on any item will reinforce our brand identity.

ONLY & SONS is a market-driven menswear brand with a strong focus on contemporary fashion and good craftsmanship. From timeless and classic to eccentric and challenging, our collections are varied in look and feel, but always uncomplicated and seamlessly crafted.

Our dedicated design team is inspired by modern metropoles of the world, where urban subcultures thrive and inventive originals innovate and influence the world around them. ONLY & SONS design for the modern day archetype with an innate laid-back coolness, who appreciates fashion but doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on creating the perfect look – it just happens naturally. The consumer will always be able to create a complete personal look from a wide range of styles from ONLY & SONS.

The first collection will be available from autumn 2014.

JACQUELINE DE YONG is a newly founded sub-brand of ONLY and was introduced to the market in March 2013. The brand is sold in ONLY stores and in independent wholesale stores.

JACQUELINE DE YONG offers a fresh new take on the essential wardrobe for the price-conscious fashionista. With the collections all women will be able to follow the latest trends in the market. JACQUELINE DE YONG creates a unique product line for the everyday wardrobe. These essential styles are always characterised by what is going on in the market. JACQUELINE DE YONG keeps updated on the latest trends, colours and patterns.

The JACQUELINE DE YONG concept is basically value for money. We give you the best products at the best price – without compromising the quality. The JACQUELINE DE YONG girl is confident and dares to mix and match different styles in her wardrobe. She is not afraid to mix expensive styles with the cool basics from JACQUELINE DE YONG. She is dedicated to affordable fashion which gives her the freedom to change her wardrobe frequently and therefore each collection is carefully designed to match international fashion trends.

ONLY PLAY is a sub-brand of ONLY and was introduced to the market in 2006. The aim was to add a sporty dimension to the trendy ONLY customers by offering sportswear brilliantly fused with fashion.

ONLY PLAY is for the fashion-conscious girl. She is daring, and sports and workout are a natural part of her lifestyle. Being original and playful is part of her true personality, and she is a trend spotter who loves fashion and shopping and has an eye for a fair price. With ONLY PLAY, this sporty fashionista does not need to compromise her look when working out. She can have both great quality and fitting while staying true to her stylish self.

The ONLY PLAY products represent a unique combination of great quality with a very good retail price and a high mark-up. This means that the consumer gets value for money while the wholesale partner gets a high profit on the ONLY PLAY collections.

ONLY PLAY collections are sold in sportswear shops, online and wholesale shops with a profile matching the ONLY PLAY identity.