Youth is all about energy!

OUTFITTERS NATION was launched in 2007 as a unisex brand
mainly targeting pre-teens and teens. Our mission was clear from the beginning: to become a fashion brand for bold and ambitious teens – a jeans brand, first and foremost. We wanted to create and sell our designs to young boys and girls across the streets of Europe, always focusing on making youth-oriented, commercial fashion at competitive prices.

The youth of today is what defines our brand. They are our passion.But we also define ourselves internally through their example. We use these internal brand pillars as a foundation for our operations:

Our target group is young and ambitious, and so are the creative and driven minds behind OUTFITTERS NAT ION. We pride ourselves in being a brand that can relate to the changing and evolving fashions of young people, because we embrace a youthful attitude.

Our clothes are playful and colourful, reflecting not only current fashion trends, but also the attitude and personality of our teenage demographic.

Trends often appear and develop in parallel with the music industry, and teenagers often change their style with the melodies of fashion and music trends. Therefore we define our brand both internally and externally in relation to the world of music.

Energetic is the essential word in describing our target group. Youth is all about energy! Young people are fountains of passion, ambition and energy. It radiates from everything they do. Our clothes aim to characterise the energy and spirit of being young and full of life.

Fact sheet
55 people work at OUTFITTERS NATION. We operate in 10 different markets: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Holland,Belgium, Italy and Spain. We work closely with 7 retail partners.