PIECES offers contemporary, affordable and luxurious accessories collections with bags, belts, shoes, jewellery, scarves, underwear, basics and seasonal featured products.

PIECES’ products are known as trendy, glamorous and feminine accessories for fashionable women. We recognise the constant change of the fashion trend, and every day we strive to update our collections with the latest tendencies. We interpret and develop street style and catwalk trends all the time to be able to create up-to-date designs within accessories. In addition to the cutting-edge designs, we offer a supreme basic range, which covers everything you need for your everyday outfit.

PIECES was founded in 2003, and our mission is clear: We want to produce contemporary and affordable fashion accessories for fashionable women everywhere.

For many years PIECES has delivered contemporary accessories for grownups. The products
have always been known and used as trendy and feminine fashionable accessories for women – and now PIECES has chosen to make fashion items for girls between 3-12 years old, and the name speaks for itself: LITTLE PIECES.

LITTLE PIECES cares for quality and design, and follows the latest high fashion tendencies. The collections contain high quality styles with lots of beautiful prints, graphical details and cute illustration – everything in the right seasonal colors. In short, LITTLE PIECES delivers affordable luxury and quality.

In 2012, PIECES introduced fashion collections for girls, and launched the brand LITTLE PIECES. Now we are launching the first collection for boys, aged 3-12 years, and the name is LP BOYS. LP BOYS focuses on quality and design, and does not compromise with the quality of textiles and the material used in the collections. The collection consists of series of basic and trendy clothing and accessories.

LP BOYS aims at delivering cool and trendy fashion items for boys, with the best possible quality.