Scope and reporting principles

This report is a part of the management’s review in our annual report and focuses on the financial year August 1 2011 to July 31 2012 for the companies BESTSELLER A/S, VILA A/S and BESTSELLER UNITED A/S. However, to provide a more coherent picture of our sustainability work up to now, data and results prior to this financial year have been integrated in this report.

BESTSELLER wishes to maintain a high level of information to stakeholders about the company’s development and activities, and with this report we want to communicate about the processes, the challenges and the results within our sustainability work. This report is primarily addressed to colleagues at all levels and secondarily to suppliers, customers, collaboration partners, NGOs, the media and others.

The report is based on quantitative and qualitative data collected from our internal data systems and key persons responsible for data collection. Some data have been consolidated for the first time and have been verified by responsible managers to assure accuracy and validity throughout the report.

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